Program: What We Love This Week (May 19 – May 24)

People certainly seem very excited about this Lost finale this weekend, don’t they? Very well. However, we are more excited about sitting around outside, and hoping that AccuWeather’s unreliability works in our favor where Sunday showers are concerned. Did you know that the Hudson River Park is Manhattan’s largest park after Central Park? It is! And Hudson River Park opened a new section this week, complete with a carousel and skate park. We ourselves are neither small child nor teenage hoodlum, but understand that others are and these seem like the sort of things they might enjoy, each in their way. We will probably just bring something to read. Maybe Julie Orringer’s The Invisible Bridge? We’re curious about how you get from scary little short stories to sweeping historical fiction in the space of two books. Or maybe we’ll go to the Strand en route and let ourselves get duped into buying Alien Heart or The New York Stories of Elizabeth Hardwick or some other New York Review of Books Classic. We are such a goddamn sucker for those.


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