Republican Attorney General Candidate Targets Albany

Republican Dan Donovan, the Richmond County district attorney, just announced he will be running for attorney general.

His campaign, not surprisingly, has one main theme: clean up Albany.

When asked if he thought the current attorney general has done enough to address corruption, Donovan said, “I think the voters have to decide that.”

Among Donovan’s proposals: prosecute every political corruption case as a felony, and push for disclosure of lawmakers’ outside income.

The goal here is to refocus the office away from Wall Street regulation, which is what Eliot Spitzer and, to some degree, Andrew Cuomo, have used to gain national attention. Donovan’s gamble is that Democrats running for the seat can’t latch onto this issue with the same vigor, since their party is the one currently in control over every part of state government.

Republican Attorney General Candidate Targets Albany