Responding to plea to drop out of 7th District Primary, Baker blasts Larsen

Two Tea Party challengers to U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Lebanon) are scrapping over who should drop out of the race and back the other as the solid hard right alternative to the moderate Lance. 

One of three GOP Primary longshots, Tewskbury businessman David Larsen started the fracas when he asked Lons Hosford of Hunterdon and Bruce Baker of Union to bail on their own hopes of upsetting the incumbent and support him as their best chance of defeating the freshman legislator from the 7th District. 

Larsen argued that he has more money than the other two challengers, and requested their support for the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Baker promptly fired off a reply.

“I hope that you will follow your expressed sentiments that our primary goal is to defeat the incumbent, drop out and throw your support behind me,” the candidate wrote to Larsen. “If all that counts in a campaign is money then Bill Gates would be a shoo-in to become President.

“I am insulted and take exception to your obvious attempt to intimidate Mr. Hosford, myself and our supporters to back out of this race based on your claim that only your money can defeat the incumbent, Leonard Lance. Further, who are you to say that your organization and consultants are superior to mine? You don’t know any members of my team.

“I think you will soon learn that it takes more than money to win a local primary campaign. While you are planning a big advertising splurge over the last three weeks of the primary you have been virtually non-existant in the local political conservaion. You had better do one hell of a job developing name recognition in these last few days as wherever I’ve campaigned almost no one has heard of you. I think that my three months developing a large network of supporters will trump your three weeks of an advertising blitz.” Responding to plea to drop out of 7th District Primary, Baker blasts Larsen