Rice Vows to Defends Against the ‘Worst Elements of Humanity’

Here’s Kathleen Rice’s campaign kick-off video, in which she talks about her record of fighting crime and protecting victims.

Rice focuses on her work as a prosecutor, which, she said, is the “last line of defense against the worst elements of humanity. And I was good at it.”

Her message is a strong contrast to Eric Schneiderman‘s. He has spoken emphatically about the criminal justice system disproportionately locking up minorities. He is pushing for alternatives to incarceration that he says would work better and be cheaper.

And in case you’re wondering how many times Rice says the word crime, I counted 16.

UPDATE: Rice is not ceding the criminal justice / reform territory. Her spokesman, Shams Tarek, emails to say: “Despite the urge to set up this contrast, D.A. Rice is well known for her innovative diversionary approach in which she gets police, clergy, social service agencies and the community to all work together to stop crime before it happens. Many others in law enforcement have looked to her for leadership on this. She has a proven record of being not just tough but smart, always preferring prevention to prosecution and seeking alternatives to prison for nonviolent offenders and others who don’t pose a threat to society.”

Rice Vows to Defends Against the ‘Worst Elements of Humanity’