Sally Quinn to Meacham Critics: You’re Just Jealous

That’s right, people can say whatever they want about Sally Quinn’s friend Jon Meacham, but at the end of the day he’s smarter than them and they’re just jealous.

Politico’s Patrick Gavin spoke with Ms. Quinn while preparing his profile of Mr. Meacham.

“Whatever he does, he’s going to be a huge success,” Ms. Quinn told Mr. Gavin. “He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met. … People want to see him come down because they’re jealous. They’re envious. Nobody’s ever seen anybody like Jon before.”

Not only are Mr. Meacham’s critics jealous, but they are just feeding his success. The storm of criticism now is only going to punch-up his memoir down the line.

“It’s too bad that everything happened at once,” Ms. Quinn said. “But, on the other hand — as I told Jon — now you’ve got your memoirs. You didn’t have anything for your memoirs before this!”

Sally Quinn to Meacham Critics: You’re Just Jealous