Schneiderman Gets 32BJ, Shrugs Off Diversity Argument

When Kathleen Rice was endorsed by the RWDSU, it’s union leader said she had demographic and regional appeal that would help balance out the Democratic ticket.

Plus, he said, it’s “useful” to have a candidate that is not coming from the legislature, since much of the electorate has a low opinion of that legislative body. All of these were “an important consideration,” RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum said at the time. Taken all together, Appelbaum was arguing, basically, that Rice is a better general election candidate.

The criticisms Appelbaum raised seemed like direct shots at Rice’s leading opponent, State Senator Eric Schneiderman.

I asked Schneiderman today how he responded to the diversity argument.

Dutifully on message, the state Senator said said, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I welcome the discussion of efforts to reform Albany because that gives me a chance to talk about my record on those issues.”

Schneiderman was at City Hall formally receiving the endorsement of 32BJ, a union and one of the major components of The Working Families Parties. If you’re watching union endorsements, earlier Schneiderman got the endorsement of 1199, another key figure of the WFP. The Communication Workers of America backed rival Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

Rice, as noted above, got the RWDSU. Schneiderman Gets 32BJ, Shrugs Off Diversity Argument