Schneider’s statement about Dwek’s testimony

Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider issued a statement this afternoon denying Solomon Dwek’s testimony yesterday that he had given bribes through a middle man to “the mayor of Long Branch.” 

“This testimony by Solomon Dwek is egregious, false and slanderous,” Schneider said. “I have never taken money in exchange for applications on behalf of Solomon Dwek, nor anyone else.  I have also never taken a bribe, cash payment for anything in my entire career. I have never been questioned in relation to this or a person of interest in any investigation. I have and always will, fully cooperate with the federal, state and local authorities throughout this investigation. If there was any credibility to these statements by Mr. Dwek, then the federal authorities would have acted as they have across the state.  

“Now that Dwek is facing 40 years in prison, he is trying to change his testimony for his own personal benefit and slandering my name, my reputation and my life’s work. I will not stand for it. I have served the city of Long Branch for 20 years, honestly putting my heart and soul into giving back to the community that I love so much. Dwek, a known liar, perjurer and thief is trying to take down anyone he came in contact with in exchange for a lighter sentence.” Schneider’s statement about Dwek’s testimony