Schumer Would Like Arizona to Wait on ‘Wrong-Hearted’ Immigration Bill

Senator Chuck Schumer is asking Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to wait on the state’s controversial immigration bill.

“I cannot agree more that urgent federal action is necessary this year to address our broken immigration system–which currently produces an unsustainable situation where thousands of people cross our southern border illegally each day. I fully appreciate that, as governor of Arizona, you felt duty-bound to take action to address the security concerns in your state,” Mr. Schumer wrote.

“But I simply do not believe the remedy Arizona has enacted will succeed in resolving the problem it is designed to address. I oppose SB 1070, not only because it is wrong-hearted and is likely unconstitutional, but also because it will almost certainly fail to reduce illegal immigration into Arizona.”

Mr. Schumer is asking the state to delay implementation, so the federal government can try to pass a comprehensive immigration bill–which it has been talking about doing for decades. Schumer Would Like Arizona to Wait on ‘Wrong-Hearted’ Immigration Bill