Silicon Valley’s Shadowy Blog Police

Today the L.A. Times takes a closer look at the special investigative unit, the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team, behind the raid on Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home. REACT broke down the door to Mr. Chen’s home on April 29 and hauled away “several computers, hard drives and boxes of documents.”

But did Apple order the raid? One source for the story seems to think so:

“It’s the iPolice,” said Steve Meister, a former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney. “This whole thing appears, rightly or wrongly, to be law enforcement doing the bidding of a private company.”

REACT was chartered in 1997 to fight crime against high-tech companies in the Bay Area and receives funding and staff from the FBI, Secret Service and different local, state and federal agencies. The rest of the budget is covered by a $2.3 million from Santa Clara County, which generates income from taxes on California’s $100 billion tech industry.

Checkbook journalists versus tax-windfall thugs is the West Coast’s answer to New York Times reporter versus Eric Holder.

Silicon Valley’s Shadowy Blog Police