Sukkahs in Union Square With Youngest Foer Bro

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering what Joshua Foer, younger brother of Foers Franklin and Jonathan Safran, is up to. Wonder no more, for The Architect’s Newspaper knows:

Hoping to challenge not only New Yorkers’ notions about sukkahs but also the world’s, Joshua Foer has launched Sukkah City for this coming Sukkot. From September 19-21, a dozen experimental sukkahs will be constructed in Union Square Park, created by what Foer anticipates will be a mix of the world’s foremost architects and artists, though the competition is open to anyone, goyim included. “The idea is to take this ancient architectural identity and reinvent it and really see what we can do with it, to really push the boundaries,” Foer said.

Ideally, Sukkah City will resemble “a fusion of the early days of the Venice Biennale and the P.S.1 summer pavilion competition” and will evolve into an annual event—”not unlike the holiday itself.” Sukkahs in Union Square With Youngest Foer Bro