VSL// A surprisingly addictive online game

Sometimes it is the most simple-seeming games that are the most fun to play, the most frustrating and—of course—totally addictive. Case in point: the Web game Hue Shift, which may or may not have had some of us shouting at the computer screen…and then starting over again. And again.

It’s an easy enough task: Certain keys on your keyboard are assigned a color, and you must use timing and nimble fingers to try and ascend as many platforms as possible. Once you’ve got the rules set in your head (check out the site’s helpful tutorial), do not be fooled by what seems to be elementary, or by the retro look of the game—or distracted by the weird techno music that accompanies it. Hue Shift gets difficult fairly quickly, and soon enough you’ll find you won’t want to stop playing.

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