The 140-Character Lunch

Last fall, the midtown media eatery Michael’s launched a Twitter feed. Since then, every weekday the restaurant has sent out tweets-ranging from around a dozen to several dozen-listing the swells who are eating there.

You go to Michael’s to be seen. So with the media world about to rest a wee bit easier as we roll toward Memorial Day and Summer Fridays, we decided to go through the Twitter feed-which includes more than 3,000 tweets-to come up with a leader board for 2010.

We were curious to see who really, really loves that $36 Cobb salad. One discovery: The list definitely skews a bit older. The leader is 68 years old, followed by someone who is 72. They don’t call it old media for nothing.

It also means that if you went to Michael’s for three consecutive lunches, you have basically a 100 percent chance of running into David Patrick Columbia, he of the social diary, at least once. 

Mr. Columbia, told of his top ranking, said, “I know I go there a lot, but wow, that’s incredible!”

He said he goes there to get material for his job; that his favorite dish is the gazpacho; and that he pays for all of his lunches out of his own pocket. 

What would he do without Michael’s? “I guess I would stay home!” he said.

Michael McCarty, the restaurant’s owner, said the tweeting duties go to the hostess or maitre d’. He also said there have been “very rare” instances where people specifically requested not to be on the Twitter feed. “You don’t come to Michael’s to hide,” he said.

Some ground rules for the list: This is according to the Michael’s Twitter feed; it is possible that some people came to Michael’s and didn’t get placed on the Twitter feed for some reason. Also, the Michael’s Twitter feed occasionally lists different spellings (Columbia versus Colombia, or Mayhue versus Mayhew). We did the best we could do to account for discrepancies.

Michael’s Top Lunchgoers

  1. David Patrick Columbia: 31
  2. Alice Mayhew: 28
  3. Lisa Linden: 25
  4. Gerry Byrne: 20
  5. Judy Price: 19
  6. Michael Kassan: 18
  7. Peter Brown: 17
  8. Stanley Shuman: 17
  9. Joe Armstrong: 16
  10. Richard Bressler: 16

Honorable Mentions

Randy Jones: 16

Peter Price: 16

Jerry Della Femina: 15

Bob Sherman: 14

Michael Fuchs: 14

Henry Schleiff: 14

Barry Diller: 7

Jack Kliger: 8

Jonathan Wald: 9

Jason Binn: 5

Richard Beckman: 5

Steven Rubenstein: 12

Charlie Rose: 6

Cindi Leivie: 10

Tina Brown: 3

David Carey: 13

Henry Schleiff: 14 The 140-Character Lunch