VSL// Find out just exactly how close-minded you really are

Do you like to get your news from people and places that seem as though they agree with you, politically speaking? Or do you try to get a balanced diet when it comes to keeping abreast of current events? Thanks to Slate, you can find out just how open- (or closed-) minded you really are.

Slate cites a recent paper written by two researchers from the University of Chicago that disproves the theory that like minds surf alike. The researchers crunched some numbers and analyzed the e-reading habits of 12,000 people who had identified themselves as either liberal or conservative. The result? Somewhat surprisingly, we don’t always stick to our own politics when it comes to where we get our news. If you’re curious to see how your own personal surfing habits stack up, check out the neat program Slate devised, which will check which news sites you’ve most recently visited and give you a score. And don’t worry, this test only checks for sites listed in the study—embarrassing Google searches are not applicable.

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