The Times Magazine Scores on Memorial Day

Other than gawking at someone with an iPad yesterday, The Observer spent more than hour in McCarren Park yesterday discussing this week’s cover story in the Times Magazine about M.I.A. This doesn’t happen all the time! The Times Magazine is, sometimes, an easy thing to ignore.

And it made us remember that there’s something of a recent tradition of big Memorial Day pieces.

Two years ago, Emily Gould’s story landed on brunch tables (which caused, let’s just say, a fair amount of discussion, and and inspired a book deal), and last year, Conan O’Brien gave his first interview before taking over the Tonight Show.

This year, we got the biggest of the three: Lynn Hirschberg v. M.I.A.

M.I.A. wasn’t pleased with the piece and tweeted out Ms. Hirschberg’s number. Ms. Hirschberg wasn’t pleased with this and told us in an exclusive interview that she found it unethical.

Then yesterday, M.I.A. produced a small clip from their interview and posted it to the web. The clip told us that, yes, perhaps Ms. Hirschberg did have something to do with ordering a plate of fries, which included truffle fries, which M.I.A. then apparently decided to eat.

It certainly wasn’t the biggest part of the piece–there are plenty of other contraditions that Ms. Hirschberg pointed out in the piece, such as M.I.A.’s decision to live in a very tony neighborhood or her decision to marry a billionaire, or her decision to wear very fancy clothes to a very modest loft in London, or her decision to discuss Sri Lankan politics in a rather simplistic way–but a portion of Memorial Day weekend was certaitly dominated by the Truffle Kerfuffle, and the Magazine.



The Times Magazine Scores on Memorial Day