The Very Frequent Flier

But if constantly being uprooted helped strengthen his communication skills, it was a cairn terrier that led him into real estate.

Indeed, it was as an employee at the Puppy Palace on Long Island that Mr. Liebersohn met Barry Smith, the president of real estate firm Sutton & Towne, who just happened to be in search of a new dog when, by chance, he stumbled into the affable salesman.

“How much of a commission are you going to make from this?” Mr. Smith asked the Hofstra student.

“Twenty or twenty-five bucks,” Mr. Liebersohn replied.

“If you’re going to be a salesman,” Mr. Smith said, “why wouldn’t you sell the things with the biggest commissions? Barring nuclear armaments, that’s probably commercial real estate.”

The meeting led to a job offer as a broker at Sutton & Towne, where Mr. Liebersohn embarked on a career path that put him in touch with the likes of Gil Robinov, now the global executive director at NIA, among other lauded real estate notables still working Manhattan today.

But after only three years at the firm, Mr. Liebersohn and five of his peers-including future Cushman & Wakefield CEO Bruce Mosler-co-founded Riverbank Realty, a commercial real estate group that was later acquired by Galbreath & Company. He served as an executive director there until he decided to join Cushman & Wakefield.

These days, however, the amateur mountain climber and member of a number of charitable foundations has his sights set on future transactions, whether in New York or elsewhere.

“You have to keep on moving,” Mr. Liebersohn said. “Keep on flying.”

The Very Frequent Flier