Two Reasons Fossella Won’t Run

A skeptical Republican source on Staten Island is throwing water on the speculation that Vito Fossella is preparing to run for office later this year, or two years from now.

The reasons: timing and redistricting.

If Fossella does announce next month that’s he’s running, all the usual unflattering stories about how he came to be a disgraced former congressman will be rehashed, just in time for the precious few months when voters are actually paying attention to the race.

If Fossella had announced last January that he was running, reporters would by now have gotten tired of asking about the secret family in Virginia, the love child, and the drunk driving arrest that led to his resignation.

By 2012, the district will be redrawn. New York is going to lose at least one (more?) congressional seat and McMahon’s seat is most likely to be redrawn to encompass new voters. If Democrats redraw the line, you can expect the district’s Republican-edge will get diluted.

Two Reasons Fossella Won’t Run