Voter turnout ho-hum to this point in West Orange

WEST ORANGE – The giant tidal wave of taxpayer rage has not yet washed over the town of West Orange, according to both candidates – but Councilman Rob Parisi braces for late volatility. 

“Turnout is picking up,” Parisi tells “People are starting to vote.”

Running as part of the Democratic Party establishment that has run the town for years, Parisi seeks the mayor’s chair against resident John Schmidt.

Observers believe low voter turnout favors Parisi, the establishment fixture with the built-in political base fearful of public sector job loss. 

“I was just at the Wilshire Grand and it does seem to be pretty steady right now,” says Schmidt. “But we’ve been pretty disappointed to this point, I have to be honest.”

Total voter turnout was at 13 percent at 2:30 p.m. Absentee votes so far favor Schmidt by one, 116 to 115. Voter turnout ho-hum to this point in West Orange