VSL// Just another reminder of why we heart the ’80s

The bully may still be the scourge of schoolyards everywhere, but they just don’t make ’em like they did in the ’80s. Need proof? Take a look at The ’80s Bully Megacut, a hilarious Web short by the Huffington Post.

This 5-minute time warp is a delightfully edited series of insults, slights, slurs, one-liners, curses, shoves, wedgies, atomic wedgies, hurls, slaps and punches snatched from some of the iconic films of the late decade. Drawing on 25 iconic films, it includes the smug tauntings of Val Kilmer’s Iceman in Top Gun; the snarling arrogance of The Karate Kid’s nemesis, Johnny Lawrence; and the life-changing intimidations of Biff from Back to the Future. For a decade that loved the high-school movie and rooting for the little guy, that special breed of angry youngster was indispensable, and, from the comfort of a post-adolescent perch, pretty funny.

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