Weekend Reading: Ferry Crash, Cuomo’s Candidate

Andrew Cuomo leads big as GOP searches for a candidate. Ed Cox on the GOP primary: “It’s not a feud that’s dividing the party.”

Cuomo fights Bloomberg, through AG’s race. Cuomo with Rice, Bloomberg with Donovan.

Darrel Aubertine as Cuomo’s runningmate?

Chartock: “[F]olks in the Legislature are so scared by the mood of the voters that they have to embrace the popular Cuomo.”

Karni asks: “Could 2010 be the year without a budget?”

The New York Times wants tougher anti-corruption laws in Albany.

West Harlem Local Development Corp: Another inactive nonprofit connected to elected officials (Stringer, Rangel, Wright, Jackson).

Paterson’s LG, Dick Ravitch, wants to get off the sidelines.

An archivist tries getting her hands on the governor’s paperwork and emails.

Pataki defends Obama. “I do not think this regime in anyway resembles Nazism.”

Frank Rich: “That MSNBC couldn’t be bothered to interrupt its two-hour coverage of these festivities to report on the attempted bombing was particularly embarrassing, given that the network’s headquarters are just blocks from Times Square.”

Commenter RoughAcresDotUS argues against the ‘throw the bums out” strategy.

Daily Kos notes the RGA’s distancing from Steve Levy.

Dan Janison says Rick Lazio “bombs” at the LCA show in Albany.

Tim Massie (who Tweeted during the show) agrees.

Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn: “Sure, you can criticize a “liberal media” for their agendas, but the fact is our party is putting on a disgraceful show.”

State budget victim: parks.

Lisberg on NYC budget: “Nothing prevents Bloomberg from moving money from elsewhere in the budget to prevent teacher layoff.”

Charter Revision Commission chairman Matthew Goldstein wants to put something on the ballot this year “to show momentum.” Goldstein adds, “There may be ironclad ways to close the loophole” on term limits.

Mulgrew apologized for calling Klein “Chcancellor Numbnuts.”

Vito Lopez supports the decision to raise the cap on charter schools.

Although he voted against the health care bill, Mr. McMahon is unlikely to win Tea Party members’ support because he’s part of the Democratic majority.”

Jim Dolan was insulted by the Village Voice. Jim Dolan pulled an ad from the Village Voice.

A woman Spitzer did not date: Elana Kagan.

The Post-Standard likes non-partisan redistricting.

The Daily News doesn’t buy Sheldon Silver’s line on redistricting.

The Post-Standard gently opposes, for now, Richrd Brodsky’s organ donation bill (although the headline is strong).

A conservative blogger strongly opposes Brodsky’s bill.

A 1,720-word story on why Herkimer GOP has so much money. The answer: George Aney.

Buffalo News asks Antoine Thompson: “Is it a conflict of interest to sponsor legislation that could greatly enhance the prospects of his own lawsuit?”

Expect lawsuits from the S.I. ferry crash.

Lisberg: “[T]he mayor’s absence” from the ferry crash “highlighted the inscrutable nature of the billionaire’s private schedule.”

“A second before we impacted, a ferry worker came over and said, ‘Brace yourself.’ ”

The crash made it A1 above the fold.
The Staten Island Advance has video, and lots more on the crash.

Later, Paterson rode the ferry.

City workers paint a street that was about to be torn up by other city workers.

SNL does a car bomb press conference.

And here’s the Census. Weekend Reading: Ferry Crash, Cuomo’s Candidate