Why You Can’t Read Steve Levy’s Emails

One tricky thing about being in elected office while running for another office is that a good chunk of your professional life is subject to review by outsiders (reporters, the public, your opponents’ paid researchers).

So, when Steve Levy looked like he was entering the governor’s race, I sent off a couple of FOIL requests to his county executive office in Suffolk. One request was for correspondences sent to and from his official, government email address.

Today, his spokesman, Dan Aug, told me there’s nothing to FOIL.

“The County Executive doesn’t have an email account,” he said. “He doesn’t do email.”

There is a general email address that people send can questions or comments to, but not one that Levy uses to correspond with colleagues, according to Aug.

Which, I imagine, must create for a management style chock full of phone calls and hand-written notes.

Aug later told me Levy does have one personal AOL account. Why You Can’t Read Steve Levy’s Emails