Wine is the New Rock Music for Bob Guccione Jr.

Bob Guccione Jr., the founder of Spin and Gear magazines, is interested in getting back into the publishing business, but it might be hard to find a project that is edgy enough.

“I’d like to see more risk-taking,” he told Forbes.

Mr. Guccione, whose father founded Penthouse, said that he looked into buying Fortune from Time Inc. 18 months ago (“Fortune is rubbish. It doesn’t take chances.”), but Time wasn’t interested in a sale.

Wine journalism might fit the bill.

For the first time in 50 years characters in rock and roll really don’t stand for anything. Music has become more manufactured than a Ford Focus … The culture of wine is rich and fascinating. There are more rock stars in the wine world than there are in music.

Mr. Guccione is working on the launch of two new web properties, one about wine and one about travel (“a cross between Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic“). He also plans to launch a food magazine by next year. Wine is the New Rock Music for Bob Guccione Jr.