Adler camp drops ‘insider’ tag on Runyan as Russell reads desperation

In an apparent act of subliminal sorcery from an incumbent, whose argument seems to be that after one term he is at least not entrenched, U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) today charged GOP challenger and political newcomer Jon Runyan with acting like a Washington insider.   

“Apparently, Jon Runyan’s new team is the partisan crew in Washington,” said Geoff Mackler, Adler’s campaign manager.

“It didn’t take long for Jon Runyan to learn Washington’s partisan tricks,” added the Democrat. “Middle-class families, seniors and small businesses deserve commonsense, bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems, not politics as usual. Jon Runyan needs to meet with local residents so that he can understand the challenges that middle class families face in this tough economy.”

Mackler drubbed Runyan for only meeting with Republicans on the campaign trail, a charge that Runyan consultant Chris Russell absorbed with stupefaction.

“Jon reaches out to Republicans in a Republican Primary and they’re complaining about it?” Russell wondered. “If they’re going to try to do voodoo on everybody to win this race, it’s not going to work. Even the press is not going to let them get away with. It shows this guy’s desperation and is just not credible.

“If he’s starting out the campaign like this, with people scurrying in and out of our office with debate challenges and now trying to dub Jon a Washington insider, this guy has got to be in complete and utter panic mode.”

The campaign consultant for Adler’s opponent two years ago, Russell’s repeated 2008 broad brush for Adler was “Trenton insider,” a designation the congressman’s team evidently wants to muddy this time against any forthcoming “government insider” charges, to make Runyan the inflexible arm of the GOP establishment in the Republican-leaning 3rd Congressional District.  

Adler early has aggressively sought his own branding for his adversary. 

As soon as the former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman won last week, 60-40% over his primary opponent, the freshman congressman’s campaign began discharging a smothering salvo of communications, alerting Runyan campaign worker bees to the finer points of the congressman’s schedule.

“They delivered their last letter to us on Friday and two of the dates they listed were Saturday and Sunday,” said an incredulous Russell.

While the Runyan camp wants debates “in the summer,” according to Russell, the two camps have yet to agree on a date certain, and Adler’s allies publicly read hesitation on the part of Runyan’s minions as reluctance. Adler camp drops ‘insider’ tag on Runyan as Russell reads desperation