After Goat Impalement, Weiner Hosts Facebook Caption Contest

When infamously outspoken Rep. Anthony Weiner got speared by a mohair goat on June 10 at a press conference gone awry, the political world guffawed.

Now, Weiner, as is his wont, is guffawing back.

On June 10, he announced on his Facebook page, “The first ever Weiner Caption Contest. I can’t offer a prize but if you write the best caption, I’ll call you and tell you and I’ll announce it here.”

Yesterday evening, he announced the winning entry, from a woman named Erika. No surprise here, but the one-liner, if we understand it correctly, is kind of dirty: “According to some Republican candidates, you should barter these for a colonoscopy.”

Here were some of the other entries:

Phil: After helping the Marxist President and his radical cabal of criminals and commies wreck the US economy & security, an unnamed Congressman from NYC prepares for a new job in New Zealand.

Mary Ann: Mares eat oat, and does eat oats but little lambs eat Tony.

Lisa: Representative Weiner, Has something got your goat?

Elizabeth: Beware of goats in sheep’s clothing.

More Elizabeth: Hmmm, I wonder how my hair would look in Jheri curls?

Jacob: Rep. Weiner with two Fox News viewers.

Alan: I was a vegetarian, until I tasted a Weiner.

Bill: Don’t be sheepish about supporting Rep Weiner.

Carlos: Where’s the mint jelly?

Robert: Dyed in the wool Progressive:)

Kevin: In a hastily arranged news conference, Rep. Weiner and his pet deny any link to “The Right to Clone Yourself Foundation.”

Weiner’s spokesman was not immediately available for comment on the caption contest’s methodology.




After Goat Impalement, Weiner Hosts Facebook Caption Contest