After Middlesex mail-ins, Little leads by 75 votes

Middlesex County mail-in and federal ballots show Diane Gooch picking up nine votes and Anna Little picking up seven votes in the 6th Congressional Distict.

That changes this morning’s totals in the 6th Congressional District race to 6,787 Little; 6,712 Gooch.

Forty-four provisional ballots remain to be tallied in Monmouth County; and this just in: only 23 of those Monmouth provisionals are Republican votes. In Middlesex, 32 provisional ballots constitute both Democrats and Republicans. In Union and Somerset, provisionals number one apiece.

If all of those provisional votes tally for Gooch, she still comes up 17 votes short.

Monmouth County Clerk Claire French told this morning that the board would count the provisional ballots on Monday.

In other bad news for Gooch, a recharge cartridge from a machine in Ocean Township that the candidate’s campaign had hoped to yield some votes came up empty this morning, according to French.

“We just read it an hour ago, and it zeros,” said the clerk.



After Middlesex mail-ins, Little leads by 75 votes