Al Franken Coming to New York City for Coffey

Senator Al Franken is coming to New York City to help raise for Sean Coffey’s attorney general campaign.

The two political neophytes crossed paths ten years ago aboard the John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier. Mr. Coffey, a former Naval officer, was on a reserve duty assignment as a Navy Captain during the International Naval Review in New York; Mr. Franken was touring with the USO. “They met and became great friends, and have remained so ever since,” said Tammy Sun, a spokesperson for Mr. Coffey.

For a sitting U.S. Senator, Mr. Franken –who is finding his sea legs as a freshman senator, after years as a comedian–would seem to fit well with Mr. Coffey’s outsider posture. And he could help the candidate’s coffers, after Mr. Coffey invested $2 million dollars of his own money in the campaign. The invitation asks $9,600 to be a co-chair; $4,800 to be a sponsor, and $1,000 to be a special guest at the event. Al Franken Coming to New York City for Coffey