Bloomberg: ‘Very Serious Cuts’ Without Medicaid Funds from Congress

On his weekly radio appearance this morning, Mayor Bloomberg told John Gambling that the city could face steep cuts–including, possibly, those averted teacher layoffs–if Congress fails to approve $600 million dollars in Medicaid funding.

“Everything will be up in the air again,” Mr. Bloomberg said.

The comments come one day after Mr. Bloomberg hosted most of New York’s Congressional delegation–along with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Majority Leader John Sampson and Council Speaker Christine Quinn–at Gracie Mansion to press the need for the Federal Medical Assistance Program (FMAP) funds.

Mr. Bloomberg warned the delegation of what might happen if they didn’t approve the funds by the city’s budget deadline later this month.

“I think they got the message,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “If they don’t have it done by June 28, we’re going to have to have some very serious cuts in the budget.”

The mayor warned that–“if you want to really get worried”–next year stands to be particularly bad for municipal and state governments, because budget shortfalls across the country are currently being covered by stimulus funds, and that Congress is unlikely to pass another stimulus bill to help out next year.

“I think the politics in Washington at the moment, are no, they won’t pass another stimulus bill,” he said.  Bloomberg: ‘Very Serious Cuts’ Without Medicaid Funds from Congress