Bridgewater GOP elect Coyle chief as party chairman

The Bridgewater Republican Committee tonight elected Scott Stephens as the new municipal chair.  
Stephens had one opponent who is a committee member and recently connected to David Larsen’s 7th Congressional District campaign.
The 28-year old Stephens currently serves as chief of staff for Assemblywoman Denise Coyle (R-Branchburg).  He was actively involved in all municipal elections over the past three year, including Mayor Pat Flannery’s 2007 election. 
Home to 7,000 Republican voters, Bridgewater has the largest number of registered GOP voters in the County, making Bridgewater essential for all county elections. 
“With a new County Chairman, Stephens and the Bridgewater Republican Committee will be essential to the continued success of the Republican Party,” said Council President Matt Moench. 
“Stephens has the energy and drive to follow the leadership of Governor Christie and Chairman Webber at the local level here in Bridgewater and Somerset County to bring the Republican message of smaller government and lower taxes to the public and ensure that the voters get to the polls to support our Republican candidates at all levels of government.”
Bridgewater GOP elect Coyle chief as party chairman