VSL// How to shut those annoying World Cup horns up

If you’ve watched even one World Cup soccer game this week, you’ve probably noticed that torturous, mosquito-like buzzing sound permeating the game’s broadcast. It’s those pesky, fan-borne vuvuzelas, whose sound—with a little help from the good geeks at lifehacker.com —can now be filtered out.

As long as your game-watching device has an equalizer, the trick is pretty simple. A vuvuzela burps at a few specific frequencies. The equalizer function on your computer, television or stereo will allow you to “duck” or reduce the output of those frequencies from your speakers, but keep all the other frequencies unchanged. This results in a soccer match that’s plenty loud but also much easier on the ears. Lifehacker.com has uploaded a video with all the details, and a before-and-after sequence will blow your mind— as long as the vuvuzelas haven’t done that already.

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