Conde Nast Dos or Don’ts: Special Editions and Movie Trivia Apps!

Two announcements out of 4 Times Square today, both of which the company hopes help move it ever so slowly into the future, even if these are concessions that would have been unimaginable to Si Newhouse and many editors within the company just two years ago.

First up, welcome special editions! On the heels of reviviving the Gourmet (for an iPad app), Conde Nast is continuing the branding and licensing of its titles by introducing special editions for the New Yorker, Vogue, Glamour, Bon Ap and GQ. The special editions will be sold in stores and on newsstands later this year, and will target popular features in the magazines. For example: “The special editions will build on the popularity of Condé Nast’s award-winning magazines, but will focus on more narrow topics or features, such as Glamour “Dos & Don’ts,” packaged in a creative and attractive way,” said the press release. “Up to six Condé Nast special editions are planned for the second half of 2010 with the first expected in August.”

They’re expecting most of their revenue from the consumer, but they said they’re hoping for some ad deals too.

Vanity Fair today also introduced an iPhone app on movie trivia, featuring “Little Graydon.” This is one is free, and has an ad deal from Bing. Conde Nast Dos or Don’ts: Special Editions and Movie Trivia Apps!