Cuomo: ‘Planets Are Aligned’ For Reform

Andrew Cuomo’s pursuit of a big reform mandate rolls on.

On a conference call this morning, Cuomo encouraged a group of supporters–listening from 50 different locations, according to the campaign–to take around his “New NY Pledge” today and have their friends sign their support for his reform package.

“This is about forging a coalition for a mandate for change,” said Cuomo, who has spent decades around state government but now finds himself running against Albany. “Change comes when the people demand change. And the people of the state are in a position where I believe they can forge a coalition to demand change from state government.”

Cuomo–who has said that the first day in office is too late to start working on reform–is trying to circumvent Albany’s leaders with a grassroots groundswell for his reform proposals.

“More important than what the governor says, more important than what the Assembly Speaker says, more important than what the Senate leader says, is what the people of the state say,” Cuomo said. “Yes, we want to get elected in November, but we want to have a mandate for change come January.”

And he struck an astrological note to express his optimism.

“I can feel it coming,” he told the group. “Change happens when the planets are aligned. The planets are aligned.”


  Cuomo: ‘Planets Are Aligned’ For Reform