Cuomo Still Way Up on Lazio

Andrew Cuomo still leads Rick Lazio by a wide margin: 55 percent to 28 percent, in a new Rasmussen Poll released today.

That’s virtually unchanged from the 56 to 24 margin reported in April.

The survey polled 500 likely voters just one day after Serge Kovaleski’s report that Cuomo’s campaign has accepted millions of dollars from special interests, but according to Rasmussen, “most New York voters are not following the story”—though 59 percent say Cuomo’s contributors are somewhat important to how they vote, and 22 percent say the issue is very important.

Conservative insurgent Carl Paladino does almost as well as Lazio against Cuomo, with 25 percent support when he’s considered the Republican candidate.

Also of note: 16 percent of New York voters consider themselves members of the Tea Party; 69 percent say they aren’t members; and 15 percent aren’t sure whether they’re in the Tea Party or not.

For a look behind the Rasmussen curtain, read Jason Horowitz’s story in The Washington Post. Cuomo Still Way Up on Lazio