Elsewhere: Bruno May Go Free; New Tax Talk in Albany

David Paterson said new taxes in the budget would account for about 12 percent of the gap closing (around $1 billion).

The added clothing sales tax under discussion would fully expire by 2012.

The mayor would rather have a soda tax.

There’s talk of the rich getting taxed after all (again), with chatter of a charitable deduction reduction.

Joe Bruno’s conviction could be negated by the Supreme Court ruling today.

Eric Schneiderman thinks it might indeed set Bruno free, and wants his own bill passed.

Carl Paladino called Paterson a “drug addict,” and later walked the comment back slightly. 

The Rick Lazio campaign wonders why Andrew Cuomo has no campaign schedule?

The homeless organization attacked by Cuomo (the one with the plastic jugs) has shut down for good.

A Republican appears to be testing the waters for a challenge to Anthony Weiner.

There’s some new research out on a soda tax, supporting the case that it would combat obesity. 

Kathleen Rice suggests she might have prosecuted Eliot Spitzer.

Mayor Bloomberg is looking to change the law to allow him to build an amphitheater at Coney Island.

Senator Schumer backs the Mott’s strikers.

Planning group RPA wants the FAA to test out a next generation aircraft control system in New York.


Elsewhere: Bruno May Go Free; New Tax Talk in Albany