Elsewhere: Budget by June 28; Criticism Over Yankees Parking Deal

Governor Paterson vowed to force a budget vote on June 28 if an agreement isn’t reached, risking government shutdown.

Shelly Silver thinks education funds can be increased from the governor’s budget without borrowing. 

John Sampson still wants to refinance tobacco bonds.

Dick Ravitch, not in budget talks, told Melissa Russo “All I have is my big mouth and some don’t like me using it as much as I do.”

As to why he hasn’t been involved in budget discussions, he said it’s best to ask Larry Schwartz.

Tom DiNapoli scolded lawmakers for “wasted time,” calling on them to finish the budget.

Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn asked the governor to restore at least $150 million in revenue sharing funds, saying the legislature’s commitment to do so “appears to be wavering.”

Gun advocates had praise for Senate Republicans, who blocked a microstamping bill yesterday.

Streetsblog is not happy with the news that the Yankee Stadium parking garages are getting even more subsidy than initially advertised. (Neither is Neil deMause)

Ken Fisher interviewed outgoing Deputy Mayor Bob Lieber, who is still bitter about the Kingsbridge defeat. 

A report by the New School called the Bloomberg administration’s system of assigning letter grades to schools “deeply flawed.”

New York State ranked third-to-last for new housing production between 2000 and 2009.

Unionized city workers protested city workforce cuts in the city budget.

Scott Stringer is planning a populist/interactive-sounding website called Speak Up New York (third item).

32BJ endorsed Carolyn Maloney.

Yvette Clark endorsed Eric Schneiderman.



Elsewhere: Budget by June 28; Criticism Over Yankees Parking Deal