Elsewhere: Budget Showdown Monday? Another Woe for Larry Seabrook

The governor is pushing forward with a Monday budget extender with cuts and taxes, setting the stage for another showdown. 

While there’s still negotiation going on (leaders meeting at 6 p.m. in midtown), Robert Megna says it will include sales tax on clothing under $110, wine in grocery stores, a SUNY/CUNY overhaul, and more. 

Chuck Brecher at CBC goes after a plan the mayor has to borrow for some operating expenses, drawing parallels to the Lindsay administration. 

Capital New York–“How New York Works”–has launched.

A major revision of land use in the charter “looks unlikely,” although some think reforms are needed.

Another push for gay marriage in New York. 

A law firm is suing Larry Seabrook over $30,000 in fees it says the councilman owes.

Kirsten Gillibrand really wants Illinois to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan.

Kathleen Rice–$152,921 in income in 2009–thinks her opponents in the AG race should release their tax returns.

She’s also expanded her website some to talk more about the Rockefeller drug laws.


After Columbia, is it time for eminent domain reform?

The State Senate passed a bill that undid part of a bill it passed Monday.

The city plans to use federal money to “turn around” 34 schools

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