Elsewhere: Budget Shutdown Hysteria; Angry Goat Stabs Weiner

Governor Paterson criticized Republicans for now voting against cuts that they proposed.

Dean Skelos, not giving many signs that Republicans will vote for a budget extender, called the governor “hysterical,” adding, “he has failed us as a leader.”

Shelly Silver thinks a deal on the entire budget could be struck by next week.

Andrew Cuomo called Paterson’s recent budget strategy “a breakthrough.”

Craig Johnson wants a tax cap thrown into the next extender, calling it a “golden opportunity” for the governor.

Anthony Weiner was criticizing subsidies for the mohair goat wool industry when a goat stabbed him in the hand, drawing blood. 

Scott Stringer endorsed Bill Perkins.

Eric Schneiderman picked up endorsements from Queens electeds Peralta, Dromm and Ferreras.

David Malpass is “100 percent committed” to running in the Republican Senate primary.

A set of illegal immigrants staged a “die-in” in front of Chuck Schumer’s Manhattan office, in which no one actually died. 

Ray Kelly admitted some fault to Peter Vallone Jr. about the NYPD’s decision to seize a lot of parked bikes in the Lower East Side.

Advocates of farmland preservation, Scenic Hudson and American Farmland Trust, are for Wine in Grocery Stores.

Jeremy Peters writes on Paterson’s preference for radio appearances. Might the governor host his own show after December? “I would probably consider doing that,” he says. 

New York found a coyote in Long Island City.




Elsewhere: Budget Shutdown Hysteria; Angry Goat Stabs Weiner