Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Contributors, Lazio’s Returns

The Times tallies Andrew Cuomo’s contributions from the big Albany players.

Rick Lazio said his financial disclosure forms will be available tomorrow.

State Democrats want to know exactly when Lazio will release his tax returns.

Governor Paterson hinted at a sales tax.

Paterson said he doesn’t plan to plead the Fifth.

Cuomo offered some thoughts on the budget.

Spitzophrenia continues!

Republican hopeful Michael Allegretti touts Vito Fosella.

A former colleague of Sean Coffey said the firm’s donations to comptroller candidates were to “get a foot in the door.”

Budget bird” watching.

The Lazio campaign makes a movie out of Andrew Cuomo’s Hollywood support.

There was an earthquake in New York. Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Contributors, Lazio’s Returns