Elsewhere: Generous Lobbyists; Mario Cuomo Raises for Maloney

Here’s Cuomo dismissing accusations that his policies at HUD caused the financial meltdown: “It’s saying Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and is therefore responsible for global warming.”

Mario Cuomo and Democratic donor Bernard Schwartz are fundraising for Carolyn Maloney.

The Supreme Court declined to hear a case by a conservative group that challenged Hillary Clinton’s eligibility to be Secretary of State.

The New Yorker‘s Lauren Collins chatted with Port Authority director Chris Ward down by the steel beams at One World Trade Center.

NYPIRG found lobbyists have given more than $2 million thus far this cycle to New York campaigns, including $320,540 to Andrew Cuomo.

Carl Paladino reveals his Lt. Governor pick to Liz … on TV at 8 p.m.

Steve Levin says he and Vito Lopez are still against a revised Domino Sugar housing development.

The Suffolk County DA subpoenaed Steve Levy, who is outraged by the allegations.

Rick Lazio uses the Helen Thomas flap to attack: “[W]here was the outrage from the Obama Administration and Andrew Cuomo?”



Elsewhere: Generous Lobbyists; Mario Cuomo Raises for Maloney