Elsewhere: Loft Law Fight; Spitzer for Mark Green

Paterson is still threatening to have a yay or nay vote on his budget Monday if there is no three-way deal.Sheldon Silver does not seem so intimidated by that deadline.

Vito Lopez and city in-house lobbyist Micah Lasher had a spat about the Loft Law (on camera)

That bill, which was opposed by the mayor, was amended to his satisfaction and the governor signed it.

The masses want to hear more from Andrew Cuomo (about the budget).

Eliot Spitzer is an investor in Mark Green’s new radio show.

Rick Lazio’s campaign has a video showing Andrew Cuomo giving a little kiss to Shelly Silver

Mayor Bloomberg said he couldn’t recall who asked him to give to Rod Blagojevich.

DMI thinks the hiring of new Deputy Mayor Robert Steel highlights the Bloomberg administration’s continued support of “big business, big banks and big developers.”

New York City airports have a lot of delays.

What will come from New York’s new smart growth law (assuming the governor signs it)?

Michael Benjamin talked up the terrorist connection to black market cigarette sales. 

Richard Lipsky thinks the city is dragging its feet on a Cuomo investigation into wrongdoing by Local Development Corps, thus “postponing the inevitable.”

Elsewhere: Loft Law Fight; Spitzer for Mark Green