Elsewhere: Skelos May Allow ‘Yes’ Votes; Smart Growth

Dean Skelos met with the governor and then pledged some ‘yes’ votes in a budget extender, should there be cuts.

Sam Hoyt talks up his smart growth bill that seeks to contain suburban sprawl, saying “the heavy push to enact this into law is now.”

Mayor Bloomberg is said to have “some kind of very weird weight bet” with Bloomberg LP chairman Peter Grauer.

Foreclosures are down in the city.

Rick Lazio picks up on NYPIRG’s lobbyist donations report from Monday to attack Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo accused a Battery Park City developer of stealing from its reserve fund.

Pedro Espada Jr. has a video out on the budget and the coup anniversary.

A Long Island rabbi is unhappy with Carolyn McCarthy for her “silence on the Gaza Flotilla.”

Richard Lipsky thinks the Council’s stand against the city on living wage issues shows the body is “coming out of its supine somnambulence.” Elsewhere: Skelos May Allow ‘Yes’ Votes; Smart Growth