Elsewhere: State Shutdown Averted? Barron for Governor?

State government is making preparations for a shutdown. 

It might not be needed. Budget Director Bob Megna has a budget extender ready, complete with cuts, and expects it to be “easy” for the Legislature to pass.

Eric Schneiderman wants to debate Kathleen Rice on the Rockefeller Drug Laws. 

Wayne Barrett looks into Schneiderman’s choice to hire Pedro Espada Jr. ally (and real estate industry lobbyist) Stanley Schlein.

Charles Barron for Governor. Really.

The mayor made money from appearing in Law and Order and a Muppets Christmas, info that was in his tax filings made public today. 

He also made more than $100,000 from a 2002 film.

Tom DiNapoli has dropped his policy of voluntarily capping contributions at $20,000. 

Harry Wilson, DiNapoli’s GOP opponent (and presumptive reason for the policy change) criticized him for this.

Students still want free Metrocards.

James Sanders for paid sick leave.

Fred Siegel explores the new John Lindsay moment.

Greg David opines on rent deregulation, noting it benefits young people, large families, and the city budget.



Elsewhere: State Shutdown Averted? Barron for Governor?