Architectural Digest Editor Paige Rense Noland’s Exit Interview

The New York Times asked Architectural Digest editor Paige Rense Noland, who announced her retirement from the magazine after 35 years last week, why people like shelter magazines.

“We look to magazines to see how other people live,” Ms. Rense Noland said.

Sometimes those people are Jennifer Aniston.

“People say: ‘I can’t relate to Architectural Digest. Why don’t you show how real people live?’ I say: ‘These are real people, and they do live this way. They just happen to be people who can pretty much afford whatever they want.'”


Ms. Rense Noland also commented that some celebrities have better taste than others.

A celebrity client is like an annuity for a designer; they just keep paying dividends. The first time we published Woody Allen’s house, I expected it to be the quintessential bachelor apartment, very spare and minimal and full of books, but instead it was early American. Now, Diane [Keaton] is extraordinary. She could be a decorator. She’s really good, and she has a great eye. And she’s nice. Not all celebrities are fun.

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Architectural Digest Editor Paige Rense Noland’s Exit Interview