Eye Opener: Death and Bees

Louise Bourgeois dies at 98 [NYT].

And Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg’s partner, dies at 76. [LAT]

Ted Koppel’s son dies after a day of bar hopping. [NYP]

The Fort Hood shooter comes to court. [AP]

What we learn about Ruth Reichl from her extensive tweeting: weird breakfasts, no wasted food, lots of time in bed. [WWD]

Apple lets the Lala music streaming service die. [AllThingsD]

Bees swarm Wall Street, metaphors ensue. [AP]

Girls prevail in New York’s gifted programs. [NYT]

Oil spill has cost BP some $1 billion dollars. [Bloomberg]

Fergie’s defense in journo sting: I’d been drinking. [The Times]


Eye Opener: Death and Bees