Eye Opener: FML, NYU

NYU will soon dominate all of Lower Manhattan. [NYP]

The city will change those FML subway signs. [NYT]

California man arrested for hunting Bin Laden. [AP]

Nora Ephron has an elementary school pen pal. [WSJ]

Pop culture exhibits have not convinced people to visit the Brooklyn Museum. [NYT]

The New York City Ballet needs new clothes. [NYT]

The FBI knew all about the Kennedys‘ orgies at the Carlyle. [NYP] 

Roger Ebert doesn’t care for your fancy e-books. [Sparksheet]

Government bailout of newspapers unlikely, says smug publication owned by billionaire. [BloombergBusinessWeek]

The Yankees used to have a bizarre mascot named Dandy? [WSJ]

Eye Opener: FML, NYU