Eye Opener: Hate Over “LOVE”

S.E.C. seeks to bar Steven Rattner from securities. [NYT]

Over 70 Queens kids are in the hospital after drinking tainted school water. [NYDN]

Facebook advertisers quadruple. How’s that “Quit Facebook Day” going? [Bloomberg]

Lots of hate over Robert Indiana’s “LOVE.” [NYP] 

Robert Morgenthau quits monitor job in a huff. [NYT]

Mayor Bloomberg likes, cannot use his iPad. [NYDN]

Silence does not invoke the right to remain silent, Supreme Court says. Plus, Sotomayor’s first dissent! [NYT]

“I don’t want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers,” says Steve Jobs. [AllThingsD]

Conan O’Brien kills at Radio City Music Hall. [VillageVoice]

Eye Opener: Hate Over “LOVE”