Eye Opener: New York as the “Anti-Vegas”

Cuomo’s contributions may be at odds with his rhetoric. [NYT] 

New iPhone hits the streets today and in New York spots in line go for $1000. [NYP]

Tourism’s booming, thanks to New York’s “anti-Vegas” advertising. [NYT]

Allan Barra is not a fan of Harper Lee. [WSJ]

New York state sues BP. [WNYC]

Madonna’s daughter reveals new clothing line. [NYDN]

Time writer praises tons of free food, at his own wedding no less, without disclosure. [NYT]

Analyzing Rolling Stone‘s strategy with the McChrystal profile. [Nieman]

Manhattan veterinarian sues Mariah Carey for some $30,000 in unpaid bills. [NYP]

“Sexual advances” by Al Gore? Wha? [NYT]

Eye Opener: New York as the “Anti-Vegas”