Eye Opener: The Bushes Hit the Village

Mayor Bloomberg’s “companion” may try her hand at politics. [NYT]

East Village resident found alive and well after having gone missing for four days. [NYDN]

James Cameron will rerelease Titanic in 2012. In 3D, natch. [WSJ]

American ire falls on BP’s high-profile CEO. [NYT]

Laura and daughter Barbara Bush spotted house hunting in the Village. [NYDN] 

City to pay $9.9 million to a man wrongfully imprisoned for two decades. [NYT]

Jonathan Karp to replace Rosenthal at Simon and Schuster. [NYP]

Gagosian to sell luxury speedboats. [ARTINFO]

McDonalds recalls toxic Shrek drinking glasses. [LATimes] Eye Opener: The Bushes Hit the Village