Eye Opener: The Lady Vanishes

Lady Gaga shocks everyone by being demure. [NYP]

General McChrystal apologizes for comments in Rolling Stone. [NYT]

“Naked Cowgirl” rips off the “Naked Cowboy,” Cowboy sues. [NYP]

The city tries to figure out a better way of testing for admission to gifted programs. [NYT]

Reflections on Prokhorov, everyone’s new favorite Russian. [NYT]

Guilty plea in Times Square bomber case. [NYT]

Plans move forward for Ground Zero performing arts center. [WSJ]

The New Yorker heads to the iPad. [WWD]

Cigarette tax adds another $1.60 per pack, part of the state’s emergency budget measure. [NYDN]

Soup Nazi” returns to New York. [NBC]

Eye Opener: The Lady Vanishes