Eye Opener: Veto, Polo, Bagel Scooping

Senator Robert Byrd passes away at 92. [NYT]

New York’s oldest socialite “loves to be grandma to all the club owners.” [NYP]

Prince Harry tumbles off his horse during polo on Governor’s Island, but the mayor isn’t concerned. [NYT]

Jay-Z gives LeBron James the hard sell. [NYDN]

Shock! Rolling Stone‘s McChrystal issue is a hit. [WWD]

M.T.A.’s cuts go into effect fully today. [NYP]

Broadway sees benefit in reaching out to black audiences. [NYT]

Governor Paterson threatens to “veto everything” if the budget doesn’t go his way. [NYDN]

Wall Street hiring bounces back. [BloombergBusinessWeek]

Fake trend for the summer: bagel scooping. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Veto, Polo, Bagel Scooping