Eye Opener

Whitman, Fiorina win primaries. California’s elections are going to be entertaining. [SFChronicle]

New York’s art galleries are becoming larger, post-recession. [Bloomberg]

New Mary Jane for the Spider-Man musical. [NYT]

Why won’t the Tonys look Off Broadway? [Bloomberg]

Chuck Bass is back on the market! [NYP]

The city says Wall Street wages have tumbled. [NYP]

The Times looks into this whole “bros icing bros” thing. [NYT]

NBC is worried about Jimmy Fallon’s ratings. [NYP]

Bedbug disclosure bill moves forward in Alabany. [WSJ]

Notorious Iraq contractor Blackwater is for sale. [NYT]

Reporter jumps into the Gulf, finally confirming the presence of oil there. [HuffPo]

Eye Opener