Frank DiGiacomo’s First Day of Dish at Gatecrasher

Today is Frank Digiacomo’s first day running the Daily News gossip column Gatecrasher.

Mr. DiGiacomo’s two main items took a look at mini-feuds between bold-faced names.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney hated Senator Kirsten Gillibrand so much that she gave Harold Ford Jr. her opposition research on Ms. Gillibrand. But they’re pals now after cosponsoring legislation to get money and medical assistance for 9/11 rescue workers.

Chef Anthony Bourdain and GQ food writer Alan Richman also hate each other and have been calling each other names like cunt and douchebag. It’s a regular “creme brawlee.” They’re still not pals.

Mr. DiGiacomo also has a number of shorter items out of the Hampton’s this weekend, namely actors saying things: Actress Mariska Hargitay loves her autographed Bruce Springsteen guitar, and Bryan Greenberg doesn’t use pick-up lines.

Mr. DiGiacomo also heard that Keith Richards ducked into the Canal Room to hear his daughter DJ last week.

CLARIFICATION: As reported by Mr. DiGiacomo, Mr. Ford denied receiving opposition research from Ms. Maloney. Frank DiGiacomo’s First Day of Dish at Gatecrasher